Welcome:   If you are looking for an authentic high quality Native American flute you
                  are at the right place. 
                  dg Hatch is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Chippewa tribe.

                  After 20 years of flute making his emphasis is still about the sound and quality
                  craftsmanship. He tends to keep most configurations of his designs, low and smooth
                   so they travel well for the professional musician.

                  Although considered an artist by many, dg knows that it's not the artwork
                  that goes on a flute, that makes a great flute, it's the art that goes in a flute,
                  that makes a great sounding flute.

Note:          My current inventory is low, due to my travels and my
                   move to Oregon.  Please use this page to get an idea of my work and contact me 
                   about my current flute inventory at dgHatchFlutes@gmail.com
                   Note that we can handle your requests in English, French or Spanish.

                   Thank You,
                   dg Hatch

Contact:   dgHatchFlutes@gmail.com


Oct 8-11  Exihibit Native American Flutes at IWCS Expo,  Sault Lake City, UT
                with Nathalie Picard

Oct         6 Concert Tour with Terra Nova Ensemble,  South of France
               and Nathalie Picard

Feb         American Indian Music Fest at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, AZ
July        Summer Concert , Hudson, Quebec, Canada
Sept       Yosemite Flute and Art Festival, Oakhurst, CA

Feb         American Indian Music Fest at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, AZ
May        Concert Tour with Terra Nova Ensemble , Normandie, France
Dec         Christmas Concert , Wendake, Quebec, Canada

News:    I made a couple of New flutes out of very old wood   that came from a broken-
              up table, from an Oriental table, Bois De Rose from the best I can tell, very very hard
              wood.  The two flutes one G and the other an A are both incredible sounding.  
              And the story of all the meals and conversations that must have taken place as it served
              it's time as a table and now a new life creating music.